Grando Cioccolato Chocolate Venetian Mask Carnevale
Grando Cioccolato Chocolate Piano
Small Venetian Masks with edible gold.



Grando Cioccolato Chocolate Corks
Grando Cioccolato Chocolate Cigars
Grando Cioccolato Chocolate Grapewines
Corkshots, Cigaroltato, and GrapeWines create the perfect pairings with fine wine. Like fine wine fine chocolate
is made up of complex notes from berries to smokey flavors that caress one's senses as they evolve on your palette.


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logo-g NON-GMO

logo-g Gluten Free

logo-g Sustainable Packaging

logo-g Vegan (Select Chocolates)

logo-g Organic Ingredients traceable to the source.

logo-g Grando hand-crafts the Italian chocolate liquor into authentifc family recipes in Pasadena.

logo-g The Choice Cocoa Beans are roasted in Italy and ground into a 100% organic chocolate liquor.

logo-g Organic Criollo Cocoa Beans are harvested from Equal Opportunity Farms in South America and the Carribean