Fondente Flavors will be reflective of each season, whether or not you are a Monthly or Seasonal Club Member.

Monthly Club Members have the option to receive a single product from the line while Seasonal Club Members will be receiving the entire line.

Members receive a complimentary Sterling Silver Pendant on adjustable 24" Satin Cord. All memberships last for 1 years time.

logo-g Member Clubs



Grando Cioccolato Jewel Membership Club Annual

100% Cocoa Club

Seasonaly - Monthly


Chef's Club

Seasonaly - Monthly


Diamondbar Club

Seasonaly - Monthly


Jewel Club

Seasonaly - Monthly


Vineyard Club

Seasonaly - Monthly



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logo-g NON-GMO

logo-g Gluten Free

logo-g Sustainable Packaging

logo-g Vegan (Select Chocolates)

logo-g Organic Ingredients traceable to the source.

logo-g Grando hand-crafts the Italian chocolate liquor into authentifc family recipes in Santa Barbara

logo-g The Choice Cocoa Beans are roasted in Italy and ground into a 100% organic chocolate liquor.

logo-g Organic Criollo & Trinatario Cocoa Beans are harvested from Equal Opportunity Farms in South America and the Carribean