For the home chef I put together a collection of ingredients that I personally use for Grando Cioccolato that you can purchase to make your own

healthy chocolate recipes with Grando's premium chocolate made from rare royal criollo and trinatario beans. 

Each month you will look forward to receiving a pound of dark either white, milk, 70% dark,100% unsweetened chocolate or an assortment.


CHOCOLATE CABOCHONS (ORGANIC)- 16 ounce (one pound) Italian glass tureens                            

                            70% DARK CHOCOLATE TUREEN- 1 pound                                                           MILK CHOCOLATE TUREEN- 1 pound  

    WHITE CHOCOLATE TUREEN with crushed vanilla beans- 1 pound                    COCOA DUSTTM TUREEN Alkalized Cocoa Powder - 7oz in Tureen


Option #1- One Tureen of your choice of dark, white or milk chocolate cabochons.

Option #2- Three tureens per month of dark,  milk, and white chocolate cabochons per month

Option #3- Three tureens per month of dark, milk, white and cocoa dust.