Chocolate Orders are currently available for pick up and local delivery.


Grando provides complimentary insulation and frozen gel packs during warm weather

to insure that your chocolates are received in pristine condition.


Grando's Chocolates are handcrafted and made to order.  Grando stocks popular chocolates that can be delivered or picked up locally depending upon your location.  However; items not in stock require adequate time to be produced. Depending upon the size of your order and availability of ingredients the majority of orders will be available within one week to two weeks. 

Feel free to contact - info@grandocioccolato.com to check on the status of your order.

Grando, Inc. DBA Grando Cioccolato is not responsible for delays caused by circumstances out of our control. By purchasing our products you agree to make Grando, Inc. DBA Grando Cioccolato harmless in the event of delays. Know that we shall put forth our greatest efforts to shipping you your products in pristine condition as fast as we can.




Grando Cioccolato provides high quality artisan chocolates and confectionery that are made by hand.

Each chocolate and confectionery is unique, as they are not machine made.

Chocolate and confectionery by nature is sensitive to light, heat, moisture and cold and must be kept in a moisture-free environment out of direct light. Furthermore; chocolates and confectionery must be kept in an environment that is within a temperature range of 68 to 70 degrees; otherwise the chocolate may melt, development sugar-bloom, cacao bloom, bruise, crack or break; in addition to other changes which does not impair the taste of the chocolates, only the aesthetics.

Grando has taken every step possible to provide a pristine product to our valued customers. However; upon purchase and receipt of the chocolate and confectionery Grando is not responsible for the handling of the chocolate, as by nature chocolate and confectionery are extremely fragile and when out of Grando's hands our company has no control over how the product is handled. The buyer by accepting the chocolate confections agrees to be fully responsibility to maintain the integrity of the chocolates once they are in their possession and releases Grando from any further responsibility.

Grando recommends that you keep your chocolates in an environment in which the temperatures are below 70 degrees with low humidity to maintain their temper.

Warning: if the temperature is 70 degrees and under the chocolates can still melt if they are subjected to direct light.

Enjoy your chocolates and please remember that they are as "Nutritious and they are Delicious" tm !

Nancy Grando